Thursday, May 3, 2007

the Light

This world seems to be full of darkness. How great is that darkness! We've got people killing unborn babies for convenience sake. We've got terrorists blowing up buildings because their "god" (the god of their mind that doesn't exist) says so. We've got raping, hating, angry, whiney, perverted sicko's running around. We've got sexual predators acting like Dogs, only Dogs actually have more discipline. We have teenage snipers killing because no one else noticed them or took the time to care (should their be any 'loners' if love exists?). We've got families broken apart by divorce or worse, or children just wishing they had a Dad or a Mom (or both) that loved them. We have political corruption everywhere.

Yet, when I think of Christ and what he came to do........set us free, I smile. He has set those who will hear, free indeed. Free from what? Ourselves. Mankind left to himself does nothing but screw stuff up. This is evidenced by war, after war, after war throughout the years. Nothing is going to change folks. We could kill all ourselves off except for 5 men and 5 women, shuttled to a Mars colony, and after 500 years of procreating, you could go and take a look and there would be the same junk going on there, that's been going on here since God created us. No man follows after God. Every man follows his own ways and is wise in his own mind. God comes looking for us. When he does, will you answer the call? He's the good shepherd. He said he will leave the 99 sheep and look for the 1 lost sheep. He died on a cross for our sins. There is no greater love than that! He willingly died so that our sin, could be paid in blood by a perfect savior as atonement to God so that we could enter in to not only life here and now, but life in the hereafter.

Jesus Christ came that we "might" have life, and have it MORE abundantly. I have found this to be true. If you're out the darkness.........and see no light at all, then look toward Jesus. I promise that once you see his light, you'll never go back except to try and help others out of that darkness.